Yeast infection!!!
Feb 18th!  We will break up 30 gallons of beer into 5 gallon sizes and use different yeasts to ferment.  We will use a red as the base and pick 6 different yeast to test.  Email suggestions or loose your say in the matter. 

Barrel Projects
Email and let us know how much you are contributing ...

Feb 26 - Harry Buffalo round 2 - barrel fill 
Min OG 1070
Must be imperial stout, imperial porter or a barley wine
Must Use 1056, California ale yest, English ale yeast or Irish ale yeast
Must be in secondary prior to transfer to Barrel. 
April 1 - Flanders Red - barrel fill
Details coming soon

Cancer Sucks--IPA Tap Takeover Weekend Unclaimed Raffle ticket numbers:
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  • $25 Gift Card for Girasole
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  • Olive and Vine Assoment Basket
  • Salty Teacup Gift Bag with $5 gift card
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  • Lisa Morrison's signed copy of Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest: A Beer Lover's Guide to  Oregon, Wahington and British Columbia
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  • Annabelle Garcia's singed Ninkasi Maiden the Shade Poster
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  • $30 to Held Vegan Belts
  • Pint glasses and shirts, stickers Hardcover Copy
    of Michael Jackson's The New World Guide to Beer----$80 used (more expensive than thought, coem and get it!)


    Welcome to NoPo Brews!  We are the rebels of the brewing society.  We plan to take over and shape a different type of community.  Our mission is to connect people to extraordinary and radical events, provide education and resources.  Your experience level, knowledge level or ownership of equipment is irrelevant!  All are welcome, even if you don't want to brew, but simply want to enjoy the discounts, events and gathering of friends.

    Member benefits include access to the Libeery .  This is a free resource for members to come in and check out everything from equipment to expensive ingredients (we do not expect you to check back in the ingredients).  Classes and tutorials occur regularly.

    Basically, we want to make it easy and cheap for you to get involved in fermentation.  When we say fermentation, we mean it all: kombucha, kefir, cheese, beer, wine, mead and more.

    Our headquarters are at Plew's Brews 8409 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203.  $2 pints are offered to members every Tuesday 7-9pm. 

    Let's Brew!

    Nopo Brews (Plew's is our host location)
    8409 N Lombard St
    Portland, OR 97203

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