About Us

NoPo Brews is dedicated to serving our community with education, demonstrations, resources and well just plain fun activities (which may involve drinking and general debauchery/general lewdness).  We will keep education fun and pull in local resources for everyone to share. Why be a part of this?  Not only does the membership pay for itself if you drink 3 beers at Plew's in one Tuesday a month for 4 months, you will get access to a Libeery (free brewing equipment and ingredients), crazy good beers, teas, wines, plenty of Intellectual property, organized tours, tastings, pairings and updates on alternative events that may well change your view on Portland.  Come join the out radical movement on fermentation and be the first to define exactly what you want.  We will capture the golden toilet seat,  hold unique contests,have theme parties and share homebrew ideas.  The most important thing is sharing good times with good peeps in your community.  

  • Get involved
  • Contribute
  • Share ideas
  • Make friends
  • Get cool perks
  • Be a part of something original and help it grow
  • Drink


Join us!  Waahahaha!

Call (541) 231-3024
Greer Martin-President

NoPo Brews hosted by Plew's
8409 N. Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97203

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